We are proud to intellectually meet all your demands & needs of Real Estate Top-Notch Services


We provide Sales Services for all types of properties. Whether you want to sale or purchase or even invest in Land, Villa, Apartment, Complex, Towers and Retails  we are the one stop for your right choices. Not similar to other brokerage companies we provide exceptional after sales services of Finance and Property Management even Facility Management for your investment.

Property Management is the core business of our trade license. We are Licensed from three top Regulatory Authority in The UAE. Namely, Department of Economic Development, Municipality of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) of Dubai.

property management
facility management

We have annually Maintenance Contract or just as needed services. We do it all, A/C service, Sealing, Plumbing, Electrical services and Smart Home related maintenance services with very talented and well trained technicians and engineers

Remodelling is one of the best and most cost-effective service that we provide. We all only take as low as 2% of project price while other companies could take 5-10% of project prices. Also, all our designs are compatible with UAE regulation in regards such as Civil Defence and Municipalities and easily approved by applicable authorities. All the designs are done by qualified engineers and designers using the latests available technologies in the markets.

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Just name the time and the location, we will do it all professionally and with timely manner; NO matter where or when. Our professional team will pack your luggage with care in boxes and arrange it for you so that you are no longer lost in the process. Some luggage could require dismantle and reassembly and YES we do it all, right at the first time.

We provide housekeeping services NOT hourly as our competitors do. We want to provide a new level of quality housekeeping services that not only pleases us but also, pleases our valuable and loyal clients.  We provide a tailored package of housekeeping activities just as you need it so that you ONLY pay for the right services and nothing more. Our Packages, varies from light to heavy load services. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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smart home property

Our SMART Homes Technology  is German based and it Robust. We intended to surprise you with our well designed and documented technology that can save your money and elevate your living standards. We also, provides consultancy services including Energy/Water Conservation and how we can turn your home into a sustainable one.

As we provide all the above outstanding services, it is only natural for you to choose us from beginning to manage the construction of your Sweet Dream Home. We are confident that we can do it right intellectually and turn your home SMART with the most effective way.

No need to run for drawings approvals or discuss your dream home in details with the contractor. We will understand your requirement and even suggest for you what contractors can use in their advantage. We will do it all for you and effectively with as low as 5% of project lump-sum will mange your project from a to z. Especially, with your heavy schedule.

We have extensive experience in project management and can systematically provide you with reports of BoQ (Bill of Quantity), Project’s Parameters and CITP (Construction Inspection Test Plans) and supervise your project cost, schedule and quality with experienced, qualified and licensed engineers and technicians in all of the engineering fields and most importantly deliver your Dream Home free of defects and with the lowest impact in maintenance and remodelling.

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