Can you imagine your world without internet now? Can you live a single day with Wi-Fi connection in this modern era? Can you think of spending your remaining life with being away from Facebook and YouTube?

The answer is no! And its reason is simple. The reason is that we are addicted of internet!

Internet is very additive technology or breakthrough in the field of computer and networking because of its numerous advantages and benefits that it offers to its every user which includes provision of information, socializing and relaxation for cheap. That’s the reason why there is the utilization of du internet connection packages at every nook and corner of the world.

Unlike previous centuries and days in which it is required to buy books and avail information by spending money or doing effort to go and buy them, you are required to search for books and download them for free of cost in pdf. Besides this, you have option to buy them online by putting books in your virtual cart at the online bookstore website and buy them. The website has workers who can send them at your doorsteps. Similarly, you can buy your clothes and grocery online too. Currently, every store has presence in digital world. You can check out their presence and avail their presence by applying small effort.

Secondly, internet has connected the whole too much that this connection has shrunk the world. Now you can connect with your friends and even strangers from different countries on social media. This social media, is the source of entertainment on one hand, has been providing immense benefits to corporate world, on the other hand, who use Facebook and Instagram to market their and their clients’ products so that their advertisement can reach large audience without spending lots of money which marketers had to do in making boards and pamphlets to engage large audiences.

Last but not the least, internet relaxes the human so much. It can do many of our work in minutes. Take an example of EchoDot and Google Assistant which can turn off your fans and clean your homes if you have Bluetooth connected devices.

Internet is the world in itself which has been making the world and life more and more competitive day by day because it gives too many advantages for reasonable price. Therefore, now every place has du home internet and Wi-Fi devices. We all are dependent on it, completely.